WonUp Cash Contest
Can You WonUp This Photo?
WIN UP TO $600
The WonUp Cash Contest is a skill based photo contest that works like the old game of King of the Hill. Choose a category, submit your photo and challenge the WonUp champion. Your photo will be placed in five "Square Offs" where assigned voters will decide which photo displays the most skill in these three areas:
  • General Impression
  • Color & Lighting
  • Composition & Focus
The photo with the most points becomes the new King of the Hill, taking over the WonUp Cash Contest Champion position and awarded $5. The new winner is then challenged by another submission and the process is repeated.

Every time your photo wins, it stays in the WonUp Cash Contest Champion spot and you collect another $5 in your account. With bonuses of $25 for every 25 wins, you can win up to $600 total.

Photos that are defeated in WonUp Cash Contests are automatically entered into qualifying for the Weekly Cash Contest.

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