WonUp Cash Game
Can You WonUp This Photo?
WIN UP TO $600
The WonUp Cash Game is a skill based photo contest that works like the old game of King of the Hill.

Choose a category, and submit your photo in the Cash WonUp Game . Your photo will be placed in five "Square Offs" where randomly assigned voters will decide which photo displays the most skill in these three areas:

  • General Impression
  • Color & Lighting
  • Composition & Focus
The photo with the most points becomes the new King of the Hill, taking over as the new WonUp Cash Champion and is awarded $5 for the win. As the new WonUp Champion you will be challenged by the next submission and the process is repeated. Newly submitted photos are placed in a queue and will challenge the WonUp Champion in the order they were submitted. The WonUp game runs 24 hrs a day 7 days a week and there is a new champion with every 5 votes.

Every time your photo wins, it stays in the WonUp Cash Champion spot and you collect another $5 in your account. With bonuses of $25 for every 25 wins, you can win up to $600 total.

Photos that are defeated in WonUp Cash Contests are automatically entered into qualifying for the Monthly Cash Contest.

New Members Receive $4 in VotoArt Credits!

VotoArt credits are used to enter cash prize contests
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