About Votoart

What is VotoArt.com?

There are plenty of websites that allow photographers to upload their photos to display them online and maybe make some money, but VotoArt has one major difference. Photographers created VotoArt, so it’s main purpose is to help photographers be successful in their business . This means you get a lot more from VotoArt than most photo upload or contest sites offer.

What Do I Get?

  1. Free Exposure - We feature photographers on our website, in our news letter, on our Facebook page and in our daily tweets. Set up your Portfolio Page to link directly to your own URL or website. This is a great way to sell more of your prints or photoproducts. enter the Free Contests and impress your friends with all of your digital awards.
  2. Recognition - On VotoArt we have participants from over 150 countries around the world. When your photo Wins in the WonUp or places in the top 3 of a contest it is instantly given international award winning status. In addition we give special awards such as “Photo of the Day” that will be broadcast to our social networks.
  3. Feedback - We provide a voting history that allows you to see exactly how voters viewed your photo in comparison with another photo. The history will display your photos wins and losses in the areas of General Interest, Color, Lighting, Composition and Focus. If you want to see your complete history you can Upgrade to a Pro Account
  4. Cash - By entering your photo in our WonUp Cash Championship you are eligible to win Cash Prizes.
  5. Fun - If you prefer to shoot photos just for fun and not for cash, we still want you to come join the fun? We offer Free WonUp Championships so you can still impress your friends on Facebook with your award winning photos.
  6. Ownership - You own all the rights to your Photo (See Licence in Rules) not us. We simply want to display it on VotoArt and in our promotions. We always credit the photographer for photos' used in our promotions creating exposure opportunities for your work.

What If someone wants to buy my photo? VotoArt is in the process of programming the site to make this possible. You will get the lions share of the profit because a percent of the contest entry fees will help pay for the expenses of the site. In the mean time you can still link to any URL or website where viewers can purchase your prints.