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What are VotoArt Photography Contests?

Are you a casual photographer looking for free photography contests? Or maybe you're a professional photographer looking to win money and increase exposure in photo contests with cash prizes?

In either case, VotoArt is the place for you! Enter only once with a chance to compete in two different photography contests!

Photo submission is simple

  1. Decide if you want to compete for cash, or just enter a casual free contest
  2. Select the most appropriate category for your photo
  3. Upload your photo and fill out the entry form
  4. Submit & your photo is entered for both the below photo contests!

WonUp Photography Contests

The first contest your photo will enter is the WonUp contest. Your photo faces off against the current champion, if your photo wins, it becomes the champion and faces the next competitor. Stay the champion until you're defeated, or win 100 consecutive challenges.

* Cash contest winners receive $5 for each win, with $25 bonuses for every 25th win!

When your photo wins 100 challenges or is defeated, it automatically enters qualifying for our weekly contest.

Weekly Photography Contests

Receive over 50% of the votes in qualifying and your photo will compete in our weekly contest, which starts each Wednesday at noon ET. Here, your photo will square off against all the other qualifying photos from the previous week.

* Cash contest photos will compete for VotoArt Credit prizes

VotoArt Photography Blog

Become a Top VotoArt Contest Photographer

Plants & Natural Objects Weekly Contest Competitor “Yellow rose” by César Álvarez Grow With Us! Thanks to all your great photos, there are 224 photos competing for awards and VotoArt credits in this week’s weekly photography contests, and there are already over 100 qualified for next week. Bigger contests bring more site visitors, bigger prize … Continue reading Become a Top VotoArt Contest Photographer

Friday, January 29th @ 9AM

Your Photography is Better Than You Think

Events & Celebrations Champion “inlefisher by sunset” by Eric T’Kindt Are You the Next Big Winner? You might be surprised! Most people are their own worst critic. People rarely see the true quality of their own photography. It’s easy to glance at someone else’s images and see the appeal, but so easy to look critically … Continue reading Your Photography is Better Than You Think

Friday, January 22nd @ 12PM

Improve Your Chances of Winning Photo Contests

VotoArt Photography Contests The shot on the left was my first shot and the shot on the right is shot 101. All shots were taken with out moving the dice, yet all are different. I nominate you to take “ The 101 Photo Challenge” We all know that one of the best ways to get … Continue reading Improve Your Chances of Winning Photo Contests

Monday, December 21st @ 2PM

Adding Wi-Fi Capabilities To Your DSLR

There is a lot of buzz about the use of Wi-Fi and the new cameras that have Wi-Fi capabilities. This Blog is about how you can access those capabilities without having to buy a different camera if you already own a Canon or Nikon DSLR. I am not an expert on all the different types, … Continue reading Adding Wi-Fi Capabilities To Your DSLR

Monday, November 23rd @ 2PM

Award-Winning Photo by Komang Pramana