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What are VotoArt Photography Contests?

At VotoArt, it doesn't matter if you're a professional photographer, or someone who loves taking photos with their iPhone. We have free contests for photographers who just enjoy sharing their photos and getting valuable feedback from the community, and we have cash contests for shutterbugs and pros looking to make some money with their photography.

There are also 2 ways for your photography to compete. WonUp contests put your photo head-to-head with the current champion, scheduled contests give your photo a chance to compete against other recent category-specific submissions. WonUp entries automatically go into scheduled contest qualifying when they are defeated.

You photographer peers are the contest judges, they will vote in 1-on-1 square offs determining which photo is better in:


VotoArt Photography Blog

Light Painting

Photo by Linda Knasel   VotoArt recently ran a workshop for photographers that gave them an opportunity to try some light painting. Light painting is a great way to create interesting photos that can be entered into our abstract photo contests. If you want to win cash in the VotoArt photo contests, light painting is … Continue reading Light Painting

Tuesday, August 18th @ 12PM

What Makes a Good Photo?

Photo by Ganjar Rahayu People often ask – What makes a good photo? Most of the answers I have heard to this question, seem to focus on the technical aspects of photography such as the rule of thirds. I,  however, believe the question people  really want to ask is – How can I take photos … Continue reading What Makes a Good Photo?

Wednesday, July 29th @ 2PM

Photographers ID Birds Online with their Bird Photos.

I was on a bike ride with my daughter when I spotted two large birds in a marshy area not very  far off of the trail . I happen to have brought my camera along in case I saw something interesting to photograph so I quickly got off my bike and started to take pictures.  … Continue reading Photographers ID Birds Online with their Bird Photos.

Tuesday, June 30th @ 3PM

Quick Tips for Award Winning Landscape Photography

Phil Koch is a fine art photographer who has won numerous awards and over $350 with his landscape photos on VotoArt. This blog post features some of his excellent work and gives a few tips of where to start and what to consider if you want to be a successful landscape photographer. To see more … Continue reading Quick Tips for Award Winning Landscape Photography

Sunday, June 21st @ 6AM

Award-Winning Photo by Komang Pramana